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Project American Flag - volunteers needed
Posted on Jan 29th, 2018
Volunteers are needed for the 2018 Project American Flag program. 

Please consider signing up today for future holidays. We need 5 teams of 4-5 people every morning and evening to make this program a success. Each team requires a truck or van with the seats removed. It is a fun and easy way to volunteer. All volunteers must be over 10 years old and/or be able to carry a long flag pole without letting the flag touch the ground. Anyone who volunteers for 5 or more shifts in 2018 will get their flag for free in 2019!
Posted on Jan 1st, 2018
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Grapevine PD Meeting 6/26 Meeting Recap
Posted on Jun 27th, 2017
1.) Lock your car doors ALWAYS, all thefts reported in our neighborhood where that of unlcocked cars.  There have been NO reports of smash and grabs meaning these suspects know they can enter the cars when they are unlocked
2.) Remove your garage door opener, there was one incident reported where the suspects opened the garage doors however they said this is typically not the case.  These suspects appeared to be under the influence and this is the first time they have seen that carelssesness with theft but just in case bring in your garage door opener
3.) Lock the doors going into your garage just in case the above occurs. 
4.) ALWAYS report ANY and EVERY suspicous activity call 911 or the non emergency # 817-410-8127 no matter how insignificient the incident is.  They noted a case in grapevine recently where someone called about a couple of teens with a backpack and they were able to arrest the suspects and return stollen property all becuase of the one phone call a resident made. 
5.)  if you are a vicitm of any crime...even if nothing is taken REPORT it to the police department so that they are aware.  It may mean they send extra patrol for the area but if they don't know they can't react and help
6.) Make an excel spreadsheet of all of your electronics including your phone (especially things you leave in your car often) including vins etc.  if found by a suspect once the item is in police custody they can return your items if they can trace it back to your vin/id #s (you'd report that info when filing a police report)
7.) We have officers patrolling our neighborhood during the evening, we don't know because we are sleeping but they are patrolling
8.) use Grapevine PD's website for great resources including requesting the out of town service for checking your property  http://www.grapevinetexas.gov/FormCenter/Police-2/Vacation-Check-Request-59
9) If you have side gates lock them most break-ins (there was only one burglary reported in our district last year) occur where someone is going around the side of the house to the back of the property.
10) If you see someone going door to door and they do not have the badge for soliciting call the police department. They will ask them to leave.  It is not permitted.
11) Never open your door for a stranger but acknowledge their presence and if you feel uneasy again call the PD
12) Bottom line we live in the safest district in grapevine.  If we lock our doors and guard ourselves against these people they will go away as they will realize we aren't easy targets.  

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