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Glade Crossing HOA Annual Meeting
February 22, 2022 – 7:00pm
Officer Dale Roath
·        Gave update on safety and local crime statistics
o   Minimal crime in the last 6 months in Glade Crossing
·        Discussed car breaks over Super Bowl weekend
·        Car racing on Westport
o   When reporting if you could give specific times and location and description if possible
·        Anytime is okay to call the police
o   Actions are suspicious, not people
o   Non-Emergency line: (817) 410 – 8127
§  Goes to the same place as 911 but non-emergency can put you on hold
Lindsey Harrison – Maintenance Update
·        Added more perennials but lost several of them due to the most recent freeze
·        Focus on perennials since we are a voluntary HOA
·        Added flags with lights
·        Discussed color vs zero scape
·        Encouraged neighbors to reach out and volunteer to help with gardening/landscaping
·        Keep Grapevine Beautiful” organization - contact for additional project volunteers
Grapevine councilwoman Sharon Rogers
·        Discussed that Grapevine is a full-service city with one of the lowest tax rates (2nd in the state)
·        Question regarding Delaney Vineyard and what is the plan with the property
o   Chicken and Pickle one half and Mr. Delaney still owns other but in discussions on next steps
§  Chicken and Pickle set to open November 2022
·        80% of our sales tax is coming from tourists in Grapevine
Scott Dyer and Elizabeth Reynolds – Grapevine Public Works department
·        Review planned crosswalk at Grapevine Elementary and Hall Johnson
·        Estimated start date by end of the school year
o   Delays due to supply shortages
·        City can look into the sidewalk mud issues off of Hughes/Windswept
·        Hughes road will get a facelift this summer – 2 lanes will remain but will widen about a foot
GCNA Board of Directors and Committee Chairperson introductions with reports
·        Julie provided communications update and encouraged people to reach out with questions
o   Asked for volunteers for social chair
o   Reviewed updates to Facebook group and social media
o   Validate block captain list, find new block captains for uncovered blocks
·        Melinda encouraged anyone that has local business they would like to contribute coupons or any other items to reach out to her so they can be included in the bags
o   Discussed utilizing block captains to help distribute bags
·        Lindsey discussed up lighting and holiday lights
2021 Spending Review and 2022 Budget
·        Jennifer reviewed budget
o   Slight over collection of 2021 dues, allowed adding in more social events that were not originally planned
o   Question regarding budget for fencing – homeowners’ responsibility
·        Question about nonresidents attending events
·        Yard and Christmas decoration recognition is back this year
·        Idea to create common signs to drive dues collections
·        Only 1/3 of homeowners are members currently
·        Todd gave introduction to job title and his roles and responsibilities
All other business / open discussion
·        None
Posted on January 19, 2022 by Julie Stansell
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Happy New Year from your Glade Crossing Neighborhood Association!  Wow, 2021 flew by!!!  We appreciate all of our neighbors and members who keep this subdivision a great place to live!  In 2021, we were able to:
-  Kick off the year with a virtual Zoom meeting, with civic leaders included!
-  Host social events for you: Easter Celebration, July 4th, Movie Night in the Park, Breakfast with Santa, and some participated in National Night Out through GPD
-  Collect hundreds of items to donate to GRACE
-  Installed beautiful American flags at common entrance beds
-  Updated landscaping in common entrance beds after many plants were lost in the big freeze
-  Welcomed over 30 new home buyers in the neighborhood
-  Partnered with Grapevine city leadership to get a Pedestrian traffic light crossing added on Hall Johnson between Hazy Meadow and Preston Place (in-progress, anticipated completion date by Summer 2022)
We also maintain a web site for you (  The more who use it, the better the benefits it can provide to all!  You can:
-  Register your pet in case they ever get lost
-  Directly and securely message other members and post on message boards
-  Advertise your business on the business ads page
-  Find a babysitter
-  Find contact information for any registered members in the neighborhood
-  Leave reviews for contractors or other service providers
-  Sell things
-  Meet your board members
-  Pay your dues
We are busy planning another great year in 2022!  We will have an annual kick off meeting some time between February-March, and will communicate out those details as soon as we have them finalized.  We are hopeful to have an in-person event also live-streamed for anyone that wants to watch virtually.
We are a VOLUNTEER neighborhood association, not an HOA.  We have board members who are volunteers but it is up to all of us to work together to keep our neighborhood as a great place to live.  We love to hear feedback and ideas from residents.  We are also always looking for volunteers in any capacity.  Please feel free to reach out to us at the contacts listed on our web site at any time.
We look forward to another great year ahead in Glade Crossing!
Julie Stansell
Glade Crossing Commuications Chair